The A-Z of Property Investing… [Recap]

What did you think of the Smarter Finance & Wealth Creation Guide?…

It’s really hard to find the time to read [and absorb] an entire book. I know from experience… I’ve got a hard drive full of eBooks, guides and reports I’ve never opened. Which is a shame because I’m sure I’ve missed out on some really good info.

Anyway, knowing this I decided to split up our property eBook into smaller more manageable chunks and send it to you over a series of emails…

So if you’ve been reading our emails of late, you’ve now finished our entire eBook!

And that makes you a property investment expert – well at least in theory.

[BTW if you’ve already downloaded and read our eBook then I hope you enjoyed it the second time around – there’s nothing like repetition when trying to learn something new.]


Here’s a Recap…

If you want to go back and read [or re-read] any of our property investment emails, here are the links;

  • Part 1 – Cash flow, wealth and creating an investment plan…
  • Part 2 – Retirement and the facts of life…
  • Part 3 – 13 reasons why should invest in property…
  • Part 4 – Smart financing tips for property investors…
  • Part 5 – Get out of debt and own your home sooner with 6 simple strategies…
  • Part 6 – How to build a passive income of $83,200 with only 4 properties…
  • Part 7 – How to buy property that outperforms the market…


The next step…

I know we’re on the same page and you agree that property investment is the best way to secure your financial future.

But where to from here?…

Well, you can either procrastinate and do nothing; take action and try and do it all yourself; OR make the decision to work with a property professional.

Keep in mind property investment is all about getting a result, not owning a multi-million dollar property portfolio.

…It’s about having a ‘passive’ income stream which allows you to actually live a better quality of life – one with more options and less stress!

That’s why I created the Real Investar Program – a coaching program designed to help you build a ‘market-beating’ high growth and income generating property portfolio.

At a minimum, our goal is to help you generate a ‘set and forget’ passive income of at least $83,200 pa!

Simply put, we help you build a personalised property investment plan and then we help you implement it!


Working with a Property Investment Advisor;

What we do is find the best locations and property in Australia for investors seeking cash flow and capital growth.

This includes Dual Occupancy property, Duplexes as well as off-market opportunities!

We do the hard work of finding the best quality builders at the lowest prices, as well as selecting the best properties and growth areas for you to consider.

All contracts are fixed price and every property is 100% turn-key and hassle free – this means they’re fully complete [inside & out] and ready for tenants to move in.

There’s no hidden surprises or any extra money to be spent!

And unlike the property spruikers and investor groups we don’t sell our own property so you can be sure our advice is unbiased and independent!

This is a completely done for you service aimed at getting you the result you want – safely and in the shortest amount of time.

>> For more info on the Real Investar Program CLICK HERE


PS. Stay tuned for our next post where we are going to reveal the very best areas in Australia to invest in based on the latest research – it may surprise you…

PPS. Don’t forget to review your home & investment loans on a regular basis – banks often offer new customers better rates so give us a call and we’ll see if we can negotiate a better deal for you. We can also have your properties revalued to see if they’ve increased in value and to determine how much equity you can access for investment.


If you need any other details or just want to chat further, please contact Sam on 0411 431 391


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The Smarter Finance & Wealth Creation Guide.

Learn how to eliminate bad debts, pay off your mortgage in record time and build a passive income of $83,200 pa buying only 4 properties!