Cheap, fast and easy unsecured finance for business owners…

Are you looking for additional funds to help with cash flow or to grow your business this financial year?

Did you know we have access to a panel of Australia’s leading lenders to small business, across more than 700 industries.

Unlike the big banks, applying for a loan through one of these new specialised ‘fintechs’ takes just minutes and you’ll usually know within hours if you’ve been approved. Plus, your funds could be available in as fast as 1 business day – not the weeks or months the banks take.

To qualify you will need an ABN and have been in business for more than 6 months. Then all you need to do is provide your last 3 months of banks statements and you’ll be able to borrow approx. 100% of your monthly turnover.

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Why choose a fintech lender over a bank for your loan

Applying for a loan with a specialised small business lender is quick and straightforward.

See for yourself how they compare to the banks;

Specialised Small Business Lender [Fintech]

  • Simple application that can be completed in minutes
  • Only 3 months of bank statements needed
  • Loans decisions made in hours
  • Direct access to dedicated Australian-based loan manger

The Big Banks

  • Multiple time consuming forms that could take many multiple hours to complete
  • Request lots of information to process application
  • Up to 6 weeks for a loan decision
  • Unspecified time period to release funds
  • Off-shore call centres with long call waits

Apply today and you could have your funds as soon as tomorrow.

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Small Business Loan Case Studies

Industry: Constructions / Plumbing Requirement: Marketing
Loan Amount: $30,000
Term: 24 months
Rate: 1.25% per fortnight
+ Diversified income sources
+ ATO debt repaid
+ Increased monthly sales
Eligibility – Bank funding unlikely due to intended purpose of use – vehicle branding for work vans and upgrade of drain cameras. Approved based on recent increase in business activity.

Industry: Retail / Tyre Requirement: Inventory purchase
Loan Amount: $50,000
Term: 12 months
Rate: 2.00% per fortnight
+ Diversified income sources
− Current ownership and management is less than a year old
− Late with some repayments
Referral – Recommended by a friend who’s used small business finance for the last 3 years. Approved based on diversified income.

Industry: Retail / Cosmetics Requirement: Inventory purchase
Loan Amount: $500,000
Term: 24 months
Rate: 0.61% per fortnight
+ Returning customer with good payment record
+ Improved business financials
+ Diversified income sources
+ No liquidity concerns
+ ATO debt repayment plan
Speed of funds – Customer appreciated good response time for credit.

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How Unsecured Business Loans Work…

All you need is an ABN and 6 months in business to apply for a loan. Best of all you don’t need to provide financials or any security for loan amounts less than $150,000.

The amount you can borrow is based on the turnover [gross income/revenue] of your business, which is verified by your last 3 months of business bank statements.

As a general rule you can expect to borrow 100% of your monthly business turnover. For example, if you have $50,000 in monthly revenue you will qualify for a $50,000 business loan.

What you need;

  • An active ABN [been in business 6 months]
  • 3 months of business bank statements
  • Minimum $5,000 in monthly turnover/revenue

Loan Features;

  • Borrow $5,000 – $500,000
  • Loan rates from .75% per month
  • 100% Unsecured – No collateral required!
  • Low Doc – No financials required!
  • 3 to 36 month loan terms
  • Cash flow friendly repayments [daily, weekly or fortnightly]
  • Approved and funded in as little as 24 hours!
  • No hidden fees
  • No interest penalty for early repayment

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For more details feel free to call 08 8451 1500 or email us back with your query.


Sam, Matt & Andy
Urbantech Finance

PS. Remember, with just an ABN and 3 months of business bank statements you can borrow up to 100% of your monthly turnover. Borrowing money for your business does not get any easier than this!

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