When timely access to funding makes a difference

At this time of year, many small businesses are starting to think about gearing up in readiness for the next few months as we head towards one of the busiest times of the year – the Summer holiday period.

Yet many plans require an injection of funds which may not be readily available at this time of year.

We all know that accessing funding from traditional sources can be challenging for small businesses, particularly those who are affected by any type of seasonality.

That’s why we work with small business lending specialist, Prospa – because they understand the seasonality of different industries and know exactly how it impacts cash flow and growth plans.

They shared with us the story of Margaret who owns Fashion from Heaven, a mid to high-end clothing boutique. Due to the very nature of the fashion industry, cash flow for Margaret’s business is affected by different selling seasons.

For Margaret, accessing business finance allowed her to employ more staff, freeing-up her time to work on the business, rather than in it.

She can now spend more time researching new labels and liaising with wholesalers, improving her social media reach and thinking about what her business needs to continue to grow.

Hear more about Margaret’s story…

If you require some additional funds to grow your business, fund an opportunity or support cash flow, click on the link below to to provide your details.

Someone will call you right back for a quick chat to see if you have any questions, Then, if you’re comfortable to proceed, you will be guided through the application – it only takes about ten minutes.

>> GET STARTED – To apply visit xpressbusinessloans.com.au/apply 


How Unsecured Business Loans Work…

All you need is an ABN and 6 months in business to apply for a loan. Best of all you don’t need to provide financials or any security for loan amounts less than $150,000.

The amount you can borrow is based on the turnover [gross income/revenue] of your business, which is verified by your last 3 months of business bank statements.

As a general rule you can expect to borrow 100% of your monthly business turnover. For example, if you have $50,000 in monthly revenue you will qualify for a $50,000 business loan.

What you need;
– An active ABN [been in business 6 months]
– 3 months of business bank statements
– Minimum $5,000 in monthly turnover/revenue

Loan Features;
– Borrow $5,000 – $500,000
– Loan rates from .75% per month
– 100% Unsecured – No collateral required!
– Low Doc – No financials required!
– 3 to 36 month loan terms
– Cash flow friendly repayments [daily, weekly or fortnightly]
– Approved and funded in as little as 24 hours!
– No hidden fees
– No interest penalty for early repayment

>> GET STARTED – To apply visit xpressbusinessloans.com.au/apply 


For more details feel free to call 08 8451 1500 or email us back with your query.


Sam, Matt & Andy
​Urbantech Finance

PS. Remember, with just an ABN and 3 months of business bank statements you can borrow up to 100% of your monthly turnover. Borrowing money for your business does not get any easier than this!

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