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mortgage-refinanceLooking to purchase a home or investment property or thinking about refinancing? Sure that’s easy, we have access to the best lenders and rates in the market, but imagine if you could;

  • Get a better rate on all your home, investment and business loans [that’s a given!];
  • Pay down your high interest consumer debts [credit cards, personal loans];
  • Get a better return on your investments [both property and superannuation];
  • Reduce your insurance premiums [while getting the same or better cover];
  • Set up an automatic savings plan so you’ll always have a few dollars to spend and enjoy each year.

Improve one aspect of your finances and you’re ahead… improve all these areas and the results become exponential!

So how does the Finance & Wealth Evaluation work?

  • Fill in your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch with you to make an appointment.
  • Next we’ll send you an email with some information to review prior to your meeting.
  • During the meeting [usually 60-90mins] we’ll chat about your current loans and financial set up and seek to uncover any areas where you could make genuine savings.
  • Finally we’ll provide you with a range of options to help you save [and make] more money, as well as protect it! We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with our service, we guarantee it.

What exactly do you get?

  • In-depth finance & wealth evaluation covering all 6 areas of wealth creation & protection, and a customised action plan to save you money now and into the future.
  • Free consultations with our allied partners [at your discretion] such as financial planners, insurance brokers, accountants, conveyancers, re agents etc…
  • Plus, access to free rpdata property sales data reports – like the ones here

How much will it cost you?


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