Best Fixed and Variable Rate Home Loans

Our lowest home loan rates ever…

A number of lenders have recently slashed their fixed rate home loans and dropped their variable rates.

Below is a selection of our best variable and fixed rates;

Loan Product Interest Rate
Variable Rate 4.83%
1yr Fixed Rate 4.44%
2yr Fixed Rate 4.59%
3yr Fixed Rate 4.69%
4yr Fixed Rate 5.06%
5yr Fixed Rate 5.12%

Note: The above interest rates may vary depending on your personal circumstances, loan amount and LVR. Rest assured we’ll always negotiate with our lenders to ensure you get the best rate possible for your situation – in some cases this will be an even better deal than the lender’s best advertised interest rate!

Reviewing your current home loan.

If you’ve had your home loan for 18 months or more and you’re not currently in a fixed rate then we might be able to get you an even better deal.

We can provide a complimentary consultation to review some of the other loan products in the market that might suit your current financial needs.

Many customers have refinanced and have reaped the benefits of doing so – some have made their existing repayments go further while others have got extra cash in their pocket.

If you want to calculate how much you could potentially save by switching to a cheaper rate you can play around with this free loan comparison calculator

If you’re not sure if your current home loan is still working for you, also consider these questions;

  • Are you currently paying a high than average interest rate?
  • Has your initial fixed rate loan term expired?
  • Have you recently changed jobs or received a pay rise?
  • Is your business able to show full financials for the last 2 years?
  • Can you afford to make additional repayments?
  • Do you have a loan redraw of more than $5,000?
  • Are you thinking of renovating your home?
  • Are you considering a buying an investment property?
  • Do you want to consolidate your credit card and/or personal loans debts?
  • Are you thinking of buying a car?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, it’s probably a good time to review your home loan options.

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P.S. As of July 1st 2011, lenders are no longer able to charge customers for repaying their home loan early. Customers who wanted to switch from one home loan lender to another previously had to pay up to thousands of dollars in early exit fees [depending on the loan size and lender]. Now that these fees have been abolished, it’s easier for borrowers to refinance from their current mortgage to a cheaper one.

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