Fixed rates now from 6.03%…

Continuing with our financial ‘spring clean’ initiative we have another exciting update for you…

One of our lenders has just slashed their fixed rates;

  Fixed Rate Period               Fixed Rates            
  1 Year Fixed Rate   6.04%
  2 Year Fixed Rate   6.03%
  3 Year Fixed Rate   6.11%

Depending on your situation it could be a great time to look at fixing a portion of your home or investment loans.

Here’s what you can do…Get us to professionally assess your situation and uncover what options you have available. In most cases you can expect to achieve one of these outcomes;

1. No Change – we find that you have the best possible rate and loan structure for your financial situation and suggest you keep things as the are;

2. Switch & Save!– we find you a significantly better deal/structure and help you to save thousands of dollars!

The current level of lender competition is unprecedented and won’t last forever – so take action and call us on 08 8451 1500 or simply reply to this email to request our assistance.

Your Partner in Success,

Sam Cocks
Managing Director
Urbantech Group

Finance Adelaide, Home Loans Adelaide

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