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Do you know that we offer a free financial audit service?

We call it a Finance & Wealth Evaluation. This is where we sit down with you for about 60-90mins and go through everything to determine the status of your overall financial health and uncover the areas where you might require additional guidance and assistance.

The goal of this evaluation is make sure your finances are set up to best serve you and your situation right now.

We can tell you if you’re currently paying more interest than you need to be or if your loan structure could be tweaked to enable you to pay off your debts faster.

Here’s just a few of the possible improvements we can arrange for you;

  • Renegotiating a lower rate with your current lender
  • Refinancing your debts to a lender with cheaper interest rates
  • Changing the type of loan you have [offset account vs. line of credit loan vs. basic variable]
  • Changing the frequency of your loan repayments
  • Converting your investment loans to interest only
  • Consolidating high interest debts into your home loan.
  • Redirecting your savings into paying off non-deductible debts

Improving just one aspect of your finances makes a big difference, combine a few of them together and the results can be startling – we wrote a post illustrating this concept here

Market conditions, lender’s policies, interest rates, loan products and your own financial circumstances change on a regular basis so it’s important that you review things on at least a yearly basis.

The best thing is we do all of the heavy lifting for you and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Will it be a slight tweak, a complete financial overhaul or perhaps no change at all – you won’t know if you don’t book in an evaluation!

Simply call us on 08 8451 1500 or complete our online form to request your evaluation today.

P.S. These evaluations are quite time intensive so we are only able to complete a few of them each week, which means the quicker you call us the quicker we can help.

To your success,

Sam & Matt
Urbantech Group
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