Why 15.4% of people said they would NOT switch lenders for a better rate…

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On another note we’ve been running a Survey on our website for the last month. The survey asked the simple question: “Would you switch lenders [ie. refinance] if you could get a better rate on your home and/or investment loans?”  Not surprisingly the overwhelming response was ‘Yes’ [84.6%], after all who wouldn’t want to save themselves money!

Interestingly 15.4% of people surveyed answered ‘No’ – why do you think this would be? Doesn’t seem logical does it?

Well it’s not, and it doesn’t surprise me either.

People are generally motivated by two [emotional] factors; the avoidance of pain or the pursuit of pleasure. So while most people are happy to pick up any savings they can [pleasure], others perceive switching lenders to be a painful and time-consuming process [ie. updating direct debits and work wages, learning a new internet banking system, visiting a new bank branch etc.]

So you now understand why banks are so aggressive in trying to cross-sell you as many products as possible – ie. credit cards, term deposits, life insurance, home & contents insurance, business overdrafts, financial planning, share trading accounts etc. It’s not because they ‘care’ for your financial well-being, it’s because they want to make it harder for you to leave them!

Thankfully in the vast majority of cases switching lenders is a simple and painless process.

Keep in mind there’s no point switching lenders for the sake of it – only consider switching if you can achieve a significant saving on your loan/s.

We can help! – If you want to know whether you can get a better deal simply book a complimentary finance & wealth evaluation or call us for a chat.

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