When was your last finance review?

Today is “World book in a finance review” day…

..Ok not quite, but it should be 🙂 because there’s a good chance we could save you money!

The mortgage market never stands still – and neither do our lives, so it makes sense to see whether your loan/s are still meeting your needs.

Rest assured the banks want your business and they’re ready to compete for it.

At the moment variable rates are very low and some lenders are offering as much as $1,500 towards your refinancing costs if you switch to them.

But you don’t even have to switch lenders to get a better deal – we recently negotiated a huge 1.2% interest rate discount for one of our clients [who was thinking of refinancing] – with their existing bank!

The first thing you should do is check what interest rate you’re currently paying. You can find this on your latest loan statement or via your lender’s internet banking.

If you’re currently on a variable rate, it might be the time to lock in record low interest rates by fixing all or part of your loan.

You should also take a look at the features your current loan offers. Perhaps you weren’t in a position to make extra repayments when you first took out the loan but things have changed and features like an offset account or redraw could now be important to you.

In addition to getting a better rate and loan features, you might also be able to save thousands in interest payments by consolidating any high interest consumer debts [credit cards, personal loans etc.] into your home loan.

We recognise it’s a busy time of year however, if you get in touch with us within the next few weeks we can have everything sorted out for you before Christmas – that’s one less new year’s resolution to make!

Taking a few minutes today to give your loan a check over will give you peace of mind for the year ahead.


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PS. You can see a selection of our best interest rates here. You’ll find a handy loan comparison calculator on the page so you can work out how much you could save by moving to a cheaper home loan.

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