Why you need to become a Real Investar

A call to arms…

You may have noticed recently that we’ve been posting about property investing and our new Real Investor Program.

This is a passion project of ours and I just want to give you some background on how it came about…

As you know our core business is mortgage / finance broking – we’ve been helping people get the best finance deals and achieve their goals for over 10 years now.

We’ve guided people through the stress [and excitement!] of buying their first home, the thrill of buying an investment property and the joy of starting or growing their own business.

Home loans, investment loans, business loans, equipment finance – we do the lot and we think we do it pretty well.

However from the beginning Urbantech has always stood for more than just loans. The reason we started our business was as property investors we weren’t able to find the kind of mortgage broker we wanted [and needed] to work with – namely a highly skilled broker who’s also a competent and experienced property investor.

Ever since we took up the call to arms we’ve been passionately nurturing our client’s property investment plans and dreams – we’ve helped them crunch the numbers on renovation projects, land subdivisions and property developments and even assisted in developing business plans for new ventures.

A sounding board, advisor, motivator, educator, supporter and mentor – we’re all these and more.

We’ve also created and delivered numerous educational seminars and built our own comprehensive 2-day Renovation Workshop with one of Adelaide’s best renovators – we’re super proud of the attendees that have gone on to make significant profits following our strategies and advice.


But we needed to do more…

Most of our previous initiatives have appealed to the highly-motivated ‘active’ investor type, however we’ve come to realise there’s an even larger group of people that need to build wealth but they just don’t have the time, skills or desire to be a hands-on active investor.

Being responsible for funding our own retirement is inescapable these days. But how do you actually do it?

The compulsory Superannuation system was introduced a little over 20 years ago as the government could clearly see there weren’t going to be enough tax payers to continue to fund the age pension.

Unfortunately many people believe their Super is all they need to self-fund their retirement, but it isn’t. In fact it won’t nearly be enough – especially if like most you’re planning on having a ‘comfortable’ retirement.


There is a way forward…

real-investar-property-programNo, it doesn’t involve living on baked beans for the next 20 years…

Rather we’ve recognised there are two core principles people need to focus their efforts on if they are to achieve a comfortable retirement;

  • 1. Debt Reduction [eliminating bad / non-deductible debt]
  • 2. Wealth Creation [through smart long term property investment]

We created the Real Investar Program to help you with these.

Our goals are very specific too – we want to help you eliminate your bad debts and build a passive income of at least $83,200 pa. by buying only 4 average-priced investment properties.

This retirement plan is surprising simple to set up and execute and you can have us do most of the hard work for you.

By working with us you can expect to own your home sooner, eliminate bad debts, shave years off your mortgage and save thousands in interest & tax. Most importantly you’ll build a passive ongoing income stream that can provide you with the lifestyle you want in retirement.

You might even be able to retire earlier than you planned !


>> For more info and to get involved please click here


If you need any other details or just want to chat about this further please call Sam on 0411 431 391

P.S. Want to know more about the strategies we use in the Real Investar Program, our eBook covers everything in detail – to download a copy go here

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