You could save $$ but only if you ‘Spring’ into action…

All puns aside you currently have an opportunity to get a better deal on your home/investment loans!

We’re in the midst of a lending war and all the major players are doing whatever it takes to win more business, including heavily discounting their interest rates and fees.

Why are they doing this? The simple answer is lending money is very profitable and with the property market stalling lenders have begun focusing their attention on ‘enticing’ customers away from their competition. This is great news for anyone with a mortgage!

Here’s a couple of deals currently available;

Product Interest Rate
Variable Rate Loan 6.75% [includes $0 ongoing fees]
3 Year Fixed Rate Loan 6.39% [includes $0 ongoing fees]

[Note: interest rates are always dependant on your loan size and financial circumstances]

But don’t be complacent – let’s face it your bank will not call you to discuss putting you on a cheaper interest rate. And they certainly won’t give you the option of moving your business to a competitor who has a better deal.
It’s crazy but they would rather reward [‘buy’] new customers than support their loyal existing customers!

Here’s what you need to do;Get us to professionally assess your situation and uncover what options you have available. In most cases you can expect to achieve one of two outcomes;

1. Change Nothing – we find that you’re currently on the best possible deal for your financial situation and suggest you keep things as the are;

2. Switch & Save!– after putting the hard word on our panel of lenders and playing them off against each other we find you a significantly better deal and help you to save thousands of dollars!

The current level of lender competition is unprecedented and won’t last forever so take action and call us on 08 8451 1500 or simply reply to this email to request our assistance.

Your Partner in Success,

Sam Cocks
Managing Director
Urbantech Group

Finance Adelaide, Home Loans Adelaide

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