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“Learn how to eliminate bad debts, pay off your mortgage in record time and build a passive income of $83,200 pa by buying only 4 investment properties!”

The Smarter Finance & Wealth Creation Guide.

Learn how to eliminate bad debts, pay off your mortgage in record time and build a passive income of $83,200 pa by buying only 4 properties!


Property is still the #1 vehicle for wealth creation but you need to do it right. 

The Smarter Finance & Wealth Creation Guide contains everything you need to know about getting out of ‘bad’ debt and building a passive retirement income! 


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How you can eliminate bad debts, shave years off your mortgage as well as save thousands in interest and tax.
  • How to build a passive retirement income of at least $83,200 per year [~$1,000 per week net] within only 10 years.
  • Why you don’t need to buy 10 properties in 10 years to achieve financial freedom – you can do it with 4!
  • The exact strategies you can use to pay off a $350,000 home loan in just over 10 years, saving over $266,000 in interest costs.
  • How to turn your non-deductible home loan debt into deductible investment debt.
  • The exact property portfolio size you’ll need to build for your retirement – and it’s not as big as you thought!
  • How to ‘beat the market’ and identify the locations and properties likely to achieve better-than-average capital growth and cash flow.
  • The golden rule of debt reduction and how you can reduce your taxable income by more than $50K with just one property.
  • How to create instant equity of over $100,000 by buying brand new cash flow positive property in high growth areas!
  • The exact strategy you can use to build a passive retirement income which will grow every year for the rest of your life.


Why you MUST read this guide…

  • About 80% of Australian’s will not have enough money to live on in retirement, even after working all their life;
  • 86% of retirees will have to continue working even though they may be too frail and more than half will have to sell the family home just to survive;
  • 57% of Australians over 65 years of age currently live on less than $399 per week;
  • The Government is worried that the financial burden imposed by an ageing population will be unmanageable;
  • By 2055, the number of Australians over 65 years of age is projected to more than double;
  • By 2055, there will be 2.7 workers for every person over 65, compared with today’s 4.5 workers for every retired person;
  • The average Superannuation balance at age 60-64 is only $75,457 and by age 70 only 1 in 5 retirees have any left;
  • The current full pension rate is only $430/wk for a single and $648/wk for a couple;
  • In addition to making it harder to get the pension the government is set to change the pension age to 70 years by 2035;
  • Because there’s more to life than working hard your entire life – don’t you want to enjoy your retirement!

You can’t rely on the government to fund your retirement – you need to plan for the future!


fb-ad2-ri-property-blueprint-9About this guide

It will only take you around 30-40min to read this guide – we’ve purposely made the font big, used dot points and included lots of diagrams to make it easier to read and understand.

But don’t just read this guide – actually use it! …Take action and implement the simple but powerful strategies we share to improve your financial well-being.

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