The Renovators – bigger doesn’t always mean better…

What do you think of The Renovators… it’s certainly grown on me. I find it entertaining and dare I say a little educational with those ‘master classes’ – although I don’t know that I’ll be making my own outdoor concrete bath any time soon!

But at least there’s less crying compared with the other reality shows [although SA’s Jason Jurecky gave us a nice ‘ugly cry’ the other week in the elimination challenge]

Anyway more importantly what do you think about the actual renovations?

They’re all big projects aren’t they – we’re talking about extensive renovations that require a lot of planning, money, time, effort and skilled labour to complete.

In fact, some of the ‘renovations’ are so extensive I think they should be classified more as developments.

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Even the contestants, with all their renovation and trade experience are finding it hard going!

The thing is most people equate big projects with big profits. While I don’t disagree it is more of a question of risk vs reward.

And personally I feel the larger projects are too risky for most people – they take much longer; often require council approval; need you to coordinate more trades; take up a lot more of your time; and in most cases cause you way too much stress!

I actually think my friend Andrew has got a better model…

He simply buys the cheapest properties [usually units and townhouses] in the best areas, completely renovates [cosmetic only] them in 4-6 weeks and puts them back on the market for sale.

Best of all he is in and out in the same market conditions and each deal only takes around 70 hours project management time – for a return of between $25K-50K in clear profit.

Who would have thought that smaller could be better. But it can be – in fact, you can make the same if not more money with a lot less risk and worry!

The great news is Andrew has distilled all his knowledge down into a simple to learn system – he calls it the ’70-hour Renovation System’ and is teaching other people how to do it.

He’s also giving people access to his team of tradespeople – the rare kind of tradespeople that actually show up, get the work done quickly and don’t rip you off.

Even better is Andrew’s list of suppliers – you’ll get access to Andrew’s wholesale prices on all the high ticket items [like kitchens and appliances] you’ll need to complete your renovations. This alone should save you around $5,000 per project!

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