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Want a trained professional to represent your best interests when you buy a property? Need an expert to design, organise and project-manage your next renovation? Looking for a mentor to teach and guide you on your journey? We’ll help you find, buy, innovate and profit from property investment saving you time, money and stress.

Property Investment Tools & Services:
renovation & design | project management | buyers agent | property mentoring | property investment | joint venture services | investment seminars | renovation workshops

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Why Urbantech Investor?

Investing in Property

The goal of property investment is to create capital growth [equity] and/or cash flow [income]. While the traditional way is to buy, hold and wait …and then wait some more, there are a range of strategies you can use to significantly fast track your results.

For example, you can create capital growth by renovating an established property, developing new property, buying property in bulk to achieve wholesale prices, buying in a booming market, subdividing land or even buying in the early stages of a large new community subdivision. On the other hand you can create better than average cash flow by buying in outer areas with high rental yields, using lease options or by purchasing high yielding retail or commercial property.

The catch – you have to buy property to enjoy the benefits of it!

Buying one or more investment properties is truly within the reach of most people regardless of their financial position. Did you know smart investors use Joint Venture [JV] Partnerships to enable them to leverage their financial position and build a larger property portfolio? A JV is commonly when two complimentary parties form a partnership to buy property that individually they might not be able to afford.

For example, if you generate a moderate to high income from your work and have minimal debt you will be deemed to have good borrowing capacity [ie. the banks will lend you money to buy property] and thus will be well suited to act as the DEBT Partner. If you know of someone who has equity in share’s, property or cash then regardless of their income position, they are well suited to become the EQUITY Partner whereby they provide the remaining funds to settle and add value to the property [ie. come up with the cash to renovate, develop or subdivide]. Individually the partners are unable to invest in property however in partnership the are able to buy property and equally benefit from generation of any profits.

Investors with suitable levels of equity also has the advantage of being able to lend out money on property deals [similar to a bank does] in return for high than average interest rates, all the while having their capital protected by solid property security [ie. via a memorandum of mortgage with a caveat or second mortgage]. This is a much more passive method of investing however, it usually possible for the investor to achieve regular cash flow returns of up to 25% pa [usually paid monthly in advance]. This type of investment is ideal for individuals that are more cash flow focused and don’t want to rely on the property market for capital growth.

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Smarter Property Investment

Build your own unique investment ‘business plan’, have access to personal mentoring, be notified of direct property investment opportunities and develop powerful and profitable investor partnerships.

In addition you’ll also have access to our free investor toolkit including our Buyer/Renter Alerts, Property Sales Reports, RE-Search Kit™, Letter of Offer Template, and Investor Contract templates

Find. Buy. Innovate. Profit.

We’ll help you find, buy, innovate and profit from real estate investment saving you time, money and stress.

  • Find. Organise your finances, develop an investing plan, conduct research and locate a range of suitable properties that fit your criteria.
  • Buy. Professionally evaluate opportunities, conduct inspections, negotiate favourable terms and purchase below market value.
  • Innovate. Add serious value to your property through innovative design, forward planning, project management, renovation and development.
  • Profit. Make more money in less time without the stress, plus receive one-on-one mentoring to help you build your own property empire.

Specialised Investor Services

  • re-innovation [renovation & design + project management]
  • buyers agent
  • property mentor
  • joint venture services


Re-Innovation [Renovation & Design + Project Management]

If you are a property investor or about to renovate your existing home or property, consider this. We will provide our qualified expert to design, organise and project-manage everything, delivering your finished product to the very highest standard, on time and on budget. In fact, we usually do it with time to spare and money saved.

Welcome to our flagship renovation & design consultancy service re-innovation.

The concept is simple – re-innovate your property for yourself or the market, create a better living environment and add some serious value to your asset. If you’ve renovated before you’ll know the headaches involved, from the concept, the budget, materials, and most importantly, the right people to do the job.

While DIY sounds good in theory, in most cases it’s a false economy. It’s a fact that DIY renovations can easily take up to 4-times longer to complete – and they usually run over budget. Savings in labour are often offset by increases in costs and stress levels and a reduction in quality.

Renovating is never as easy as it sounds and many a profitable dream has turned into a costly nightmare. So why does one person achieve outstanding results while another loses money? The path to effective renovation, or re-innovation, is all about achieving great results in the fastest amount of time, and this means getting the maximum bang for your hard earned buck!

Re-innovation Services

Don’t just renovate, re-innovate!

When you re-innovate your home or investment property you will greatly increase its market value. A carefully designed, planned and executed renovation gives you the best return for your money. A professional knows how to utilise the very latest trends and designs, take into consideration the local demographics, and determine where and how to spend the budget.

Drawing on our experience, re-innovate offers two core services. If you decide to DIY we can help, or you can engage our professional team to design and complete your renovation.

  • DIY re-innovation – we provide you with a detailed design and renovation plan and give you contacts and guidance to complete the renovation on your own.
  • Professional re-innovation – we complete the entire renovation for you saving you money, time and stress.

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Buyers Agent

Save time, money and stress by having a trained professional represent your best interests when you buy a property. Consider having an expert help you find that ideal home or investment property, organise the necessary inspections and checks, negotiate the best possible price and purchase conditions, ensure you have the right finance structure in place and even help you to add value through renovation or development.

Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. You cannot leave things to chance – there’s just too much at stake and mistakes can be many and very costly. Traditionally the selling agent holds the upper hand with their better knowledge and experience, inside information, negotiation skills and sales pitch. Remember they act for the vendor, the property seller, and the more they get from you the higher the commission they earn. It can spell disaster for the un-wary. Our Buyers Agent will put you back in control.

Our Buyers Agent deals with the selling agent on your behalf. You will even be alerted to many of the latest properties before they hit the market, and given access to up-to-the-minute property reports and industry information. Our Buyers agent will also mentor you if required on building a valuable property portfolio.

So don’t miss out on your dream home or that next great investment opportunity and never pay too much again!

Buyers Agent Services

  • Intro Consultation
  • Free Finance & Wealth Evaluation
  • Due Diligence/Purchase Assessment
  • Property Search
  • Property Audit
  • Negotiate Purchase
  • re-innovate
  • Other Services


Property Mentor

The common denominator with successful sports and business people is that they all have worked with a coach or mentor.

Ready, Fire then Aim! Talkfests, seminars, workshops, how-to books you’ve heard it all before. It’s the age old problem of talking the talk and not knowing when to walk the walk. It applies to so many things, especially property, but, where to start? If you are genuinely serious about learning and fully understanding the benefits of property investing you need to know when the time comes to move beyond theory and get your hands dirty a little. After all results come form taking action not more preparation!

You can rest assured we have the solid hands-on experience and investment track record to give you the very best advice and the best bottom-line on your property investment. Well walk you through the real life step-by-step process we use when investing in property. Well show you the how to strategies to find, negotiate, finance, buy, renovate and develop property.

The strategies are easy to learn – the secret is putting them into practice. That’s where our property mentor Andrew comes in. He will provide you the knowledge, tools, skills and contacts to go beyond your first tentative steps and start you on the road to property success.

Property Mentor Services

Property Mentoring:

  • One-on-One Coaching – learn how to Find, Buy, Innovate and Profit from property
  • Investor Workshops & Networking
  • On call support
  • Discount on our Re-Innovation and Buyers Agent services
  • 12 month subscription to Your Investment Property Magazine
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Property Investment Best Selling Book
  • Advisor Access [Free consultation with Finance Broker, Accountant, Insurance Broker, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent, Property Manager etc…]

Free Investor Toolkit:

  • Portfolio Review
  • Investment Business Plan
  • RE-Search Kit
  • Property Sales Reports
  • Residex Investor Reports, RP Data Property Reports
  • Property Investment Analysis Software
  • Letter of Offer Template
  • Joint Venture Contracts
  • Learning Centre/Library Access

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Joint Venture Services

How would you like to have the opportunity to partner with us on a range of property investment deals?

As active investors we regularly buy, develop/renovate and sell property each year however, individually there’s a limit to the size and number of projects that we can fund and participate in. As a result Urbantech is looking to work with a small number of motivated people who would like to be part of a successful property investment team.

As our Joint Venture [JV] Partner you will have the chance to play an important role in our property deals and earn yourself an equal share of the profits that we generate.

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Note: The abovementioned services are provided to Urbantech clients by selected qualified business partners.

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