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Our award-winning real estate agents will ensure you profit from your next property venture. Armed with powerful selling techniques and innovative marketing strategies we will get you the best possible results whether selling or renting your property. Direct, upfront and transparent – we are the agents you can trust and rely on.

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Why Urbantech Property?

Selling Your Property

*SPECIAL OFFER – FREE Property Marketing Campaign [includes a free ‘feature property’ internet listing, eBrochures, printed brochures and property signboard]

Speak to anyone who has experienced the process of buying or selling Real Estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of our many goals is to ensure your next move is a positive one.

Urbantech has one key focus – ‘To deliver results that exceed our clients expectations’. As a result we have created ‘Best Practice Systems’ delivering solutions to satisfy your most desired wants and needs.

We have proven many times that a successful sale is a direct reflection of the marketing campaign. To achieve the highest possible price for you, we combine traditional selling techniques with innovative marketing strategies.

One of the most important points to remember when selling your property is it is vital to maintain a strong presence in the market place, targeting the right demographics and social profile to draw maximum attention to your property.

While traditional advertising methods have been effective in the past, they are less so in today’s digital world, as well as being costly and time consuming.

Media advertising has been and will continue to be superseded by the internet. It is simply not necessary to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars advertising to buyers who are already registered on various websites and are just waiting to be contacted.

Through innovative web based marketing strategies we are able to ensure your property is marketed to all buyers who match your criteria.

Instead of conducting open inspections where your property is exposed not only to some buyers but also neighbours, sightseers etc, we can ensure that only buyers who are qualified and match your price expectations inspect your property.

Not only does this save you time and marketing expenses, but you also do not have to go through the stress of open inspections.

There is a difference between listing a property and selling it – we work with you to ensure the best results for you, and it costs no more to use our experience.

Selling via Urbantech

Our Property Technicians are energetic and passionate professionals who genuinely care about your needs.

We have a proven track record in connecting the right buyer to the right property and achieving exceptional results, most often exceeding clients’ expectations. We also have the systems in place to provide you with a service that offers regular communication and an assurance that you are provided with the highest quality exposure available for your property.

“The difference between a good result and an exceptional result rarely hinges on one single issue. A successful sale is based on a combination of premium marketing, skilled negotiation and the ability to close the sale with the best possible outcome for the vendor. We have the knowledge, experience and energy to help you achieve this goal.”

Steps to Selling Your Property

  • Prior to listing We visit your property and talk with you to find out what you have in mind. We provide you with the information about the current market, your property and the various selling options available, then make recommendations for you to consider. Ultimately, you decide what you want to do.
  • Listing your property We agree on sale and marketing methods plus timing. We document these in a Sales Agency Agreement. We arrange property searches and set the wheels in motion for all our agreed marketing components.
  • Preparing for marketing campaign If required, we can organise for a Home Presenter will arrange a time to visit to give advice on preparing your property to look its best to impress buyers. We’ll also organise for floor plan to be drawn up and have a professional photographer take some stunning pics of your property. It is important the presentation is perfect as these photographs provide your global exposure! We prepare marketing materials and can offer you proofs for approval when time permits. We discuss inspection times if required and consider a likely schedule.
  • Marketing campaign begins We immediately start advising potential buyers on our database about your property and arrange inspections once the property is ready for viewing. Next we’ll roll out our carefully planned marketing campaign including some or all of the following; property signboard, premium internet listing, ebrochures, letter box drops and inspection brochures. If required we will also commence press advertising [Messenger & Advertiser] and buyer open inspections as agreed. Once searches are received, our team prepare your sale documentation (Contract and Form 1). We liaise with you about potential buyers and arrange private inspections, building inspections and so on. Your role is to ensure that the property is ready to inspect and continues to look its best.
  • Offers received We advise you and make recommendations. We negotiate to achieve optimum price and conditions for you. You decide to accept or otherwise.
  • Accepting an offer The buyer signs the contract. You sign the contract. We serve the Form 1 to buyer. If sold at auction or buyer waives cooling off, the contract is unconditional. Buyer pays deposit into the Agent’s trust account.
  • Cooling off For private treaty sale, the buyer has 2 clear business days cooling off period from when we serve them a completed contract and the Form 1. The buyer pays the deposit into Agent’s trust account at the expiration of the cooling off period.
  • Contract becomes unconditional If you allow contract conditions (eg. time for buyer to obtain finance), we advise you once all contract conditions are satisfied. You and the buyer select your conveyancers. We send documentation to them to prepare transfer documents and settlement arrangements.
  • Settlement period begins You begin preparing to move. You maintain the property condition as at the sale date. You sign transfer documents from your conveyancer. You arrange to vacate the property on or before the scheduled settlement time. You arrange final accounts for services. You give us 1 set of keys for the new owners.
  • Settlement day arrives You make sure packing, removalists and cleaning are all finished by the nominated settlement time. Your conveyancer rings you and us to advise when settlement is completed. Only then do we pass keys to the new owner.
  • Celebrate!

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Renting Your Property

*SPECIAL OFFER – 3 months FREE Property Management!

Property represents a very safe and sound, long term form of wealth creation. And as such, Australians are increasingly turning to property investment to secure their future. A well managed investment can offer many advantages including income and capital growth. Many investors may also be able to use their investment to reduce tax payable on their assessable income.

Property is also a good option as part of an investment portfolio, particularly with people who do not need immediate access to their money and wish to protect themselves against inflation over the long term. It is important to be aware however, of the responsibilities of managing your property investment and assuring proper care and responsibility.

It’s possible to manage your investment property yourself and save a management fee, however, there is a lot more to property management than simply collecting the rent.

A good property manager will:

  • Market your property to minimise vacancies and maximise rental income
  • Screen and select suitable tenants
  • Deal with the legalities of leases and the rights of tenants
  • Keep up to date with tenancy legislation
  • Lodge the bond with the relevant authority
  • Ensure the property is well maintained
  • Handle and coordinate routine repairs as well as emergency repairs
  • Respond to tenant requests and deal with problem tenants
  • Regular inspection
  • Rent reviews
  • Track expenses and income

Property managers will also have up-to-date information on what’s happening in the market, what comparable properties are renting for and what tenants are prepared to pay for a particular property. A good property manager will also have prospective tenants on their books and the expertise to market for new tenants.

Landlords often under-estimate the role of a property manager. The peace of mind that a property manager can provide is quite often more than worth the cost. And remember a property manager’s fees are also tax deductible.

When selecting a property manager ensure you check the following:

  • Do they work within a team of property managers? It is preferable that they work within a team as if your property manager is ill or goes on holiday there is a team member who can take over in their absence.
  • How many years of experience do they have in real estate and in particular property management? It goes without saying that the more experience they have the better.
  • How many properties do they look after? Look for an agency that is not over loaded with properties. You want them to give your property individual attention.
  • Is the property manager available to show your property to prospective tenants Monday through Saturday? A property manager should be available to show a property at a time that suits a prospective tenant.
  • Do they subscribe to a major tenancy database to allow them to check the credit worthiness and past rental history of prospective tenants? This is an essential tool to assist property managers in securing suitable tenants.

Make sure you choose your property manager carefully and do not choose them on fees alone. A good property manager can increase the return you receive on an investment property and make your property investing experience more enjoyable!

For assistance renting and managing your investment property call 08 8451 1500


Finding a Property to Buy or Rent

Searching for the right property to buy or rent can be a painstaking task – you spend hours each week sifting through the numerous real estate websites and newspaper lift-outs only to discover that the good deals are getting snapped up before you even get a chance to make an offer.

Have your next ‘dream’ property sent straight to your inbox, as soon as it is listed!

Simply provide us with a few details on the type of property you are looking to buy or rent and we’ll set up your Buyer/Renter Alert. As soon as a property matching your criteria hits the market for the first time you’ll receive an email notification.

Our Buyer/Renter Alert property database sources information from all of the major property websites so you receive only the most complete and up to the minute property information. Sit back, relax and wait for the properties to come to you!

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Note: The above-mentioned services are provided to Urbantech clients by selected qualified business partners.

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