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Adelaide Property Investment – Should you believe what the media says?…

The newspapers and other media are reporting doom and gloom about adelaide property investment..

…but here’s a chart from trusted property analysts rpdata:

adelaide investment property

Since May all Australian States have seen positive growth… conservative but still positive.

Property has traditionally had it’s up and downs but historically it doesn’t tend to stay down long for too long.

Remember unlike shares, which are valued every day, you only know that a property has gone up in value well and truly after the fact.

Which is too late if you’re waiting to get in at the right time.


So is now the right time to buy investment property in Adelaide and beyond?

We also have some extraordinary conditions at the moment:

  • Schemes like NRAS & mining towns provide positive-geared property
  • US [foreclosed] houses are at an all-time low but starting to move up in price
  • Australian Builders and Developers prepared to do deals to move stock [including NRAS stock]
  • Interest rates are low and there is talk of them falling another .50%
  • Our economy seems to be starting to move in a positive direction

These first two represent great positive cash-flow investment opportunities and the third one will help you achieve capital growth over time as our economy recovers. Combine all five and it is a ‘win’ all round!

To find out more about investing in property in 2012 and beyond, register for our next educational seminar [scroll down for details]

>> Free Adelaide Property Investing Seminar – *REGISTER HERE NOW*

If you would like to learn more about our seminar presenter Graeme Clark then watch this short video;

Rest assured this is a content based seminar, not a selling pitch in disguise!

This event is open to everyone so please feel free to invite family, friends or work colleagues…

WHEN: Wednesday 22nd August 2012
REGISTER: 5:45pm – 6:00pm | Start Time: 6:15pm Sharp
WHERE: IPF Boardroom, 309A Angas Street, Adelaide 5000
RSVP: C.O.B. Tuesday 21st August [only 20 seat available so registration is essential!]

>> Free Adelaide Property Investing Seminar – *REGISTER HERE NOW*

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