Free Seminar – 4 Steps to Property Renovation Success

Learn the 4 Steps to Property Renovation Success!

Over the next two months we are hosting a series of property renovation seminars.

Our presenter Andrew Farnden lives and breathes renovation – it’s how he earns a crust.

You could say it’s his job, however most people don’t use the word ‘job’ when describing something they love doing. A very well paid hobby is probably a better way of explaining it!

Anyway the best thing about property renovation is it is not hard to learn – anyone really can do it.

In fact, we’ve had students of Andrew’s go from knowing absolutely nothing about renovation to making $50K+ within a few months on their very first deal – while still working full time!

Property Renovation Adelaide

You see when we talk about property renovation we’re not talking about learning how to paint, install kitchens or lay tiles.

The aim is not to learn how to be an interior decorator or all-round handy man, it’s to learn how to coordinate and complete a money-making project.

What we’re talking about is ‘project management’.

So forget the tools! As long as you have a mobile phone you’ve got all the tools you need!

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There’s really only 4 steps to making money renovating property;

  • 1. Find
    You need to organise your finances, develop an investing plan, conduct research and locate a range of suitable properties that fit your criteria.
  • 2. Buy
    Next you should professionally evaluate opportunities, conduct inspections, negotiate favourable terms and purchase below market value.
  • 3. Innovate [ie. renovate!]
    Then you need to add serious value to your property through innovative design, forward planning, and project management.
  • 4. Profit
    Lastly you need to prepare, market and sell your renovated property for maximum profit.

Then rinse and repeat!

Always ask yourself two questions;

  • What part of the project did I do well? – Make sure you do these same things on the next deal.
  • What didn’t go so well? – In other words what do you need to improve, or avoid, with the next deal.

Then get out there and find another deal and challenge yourself to do even better!

Your goal each time is to make more money, in less time, with less stress.

Adelaide Property Renovation Seminars

If you want to learn the exact system Andrew uses to make profits come to our free seminar on Thursday September 13th.

Here are the Property Renovation Seminar details:

WHEN: Thursday 13th September 2012
TIME: Register 6:15pm – Start Time: 6:30pm Sharp
WHERE: Hilton Hotel, 264 South Rd [Cnr Sir Donald Bradman Dr], Hilton 5033
RSVP: C.O.B. Wed 12th September [seats are limited to 20 so RSVP is essential!]

>> Register Now for our free Property Renovation Seminar

Hope to see you there.

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