Learn the ’70 hour renovation system’ and make $50K in your spare time…

Let me tell you about our renovation guru Andrew Farnden…

I met Andrew 2 years ago and I can honestly say that when it comes to making money renovating property he’s one of the best!

I’ve seen his projects and I’ve tracked his results and I can say that he is making some very good money right here in Adelaide.

The best thing about Andrew’s strategy is it’s simple! Anyone really can do it once they know the right way around things. He doesn’t use property options, wraps, subdivide land or build new properties – he simply buys small units or houses, renovates them to a high standard and sells them for maximum profit.

I told you it was simple! But be warned while it may be simple it’s not easy unless you know how to do it. Even a few simple mistakes could end up costing you 10’s of thousands of dollars – you see, in the early days Andrew had some close calls and even did a few deals which made no money. That’s until he developed his ‘renovation system’. Now Andrew can predict accurately how much money he will make from each deal – deal after deal!

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But I can’t renovate! I don’t even know how to use a screwdriver!! I’ve got some great news – you don’t have to be a handy person – in fact, the worse you are, the less you will want to try and do things yourself and the better off you’ll be! You see this game is all about speed. Andrew is able to completely renovate properties in 3-6 weeks without getting his hands dirty! As Andrew says “control everything but do nothing”

But I don’t have the time! This is not full time work – in fact, when you get started it’s better to keep your day job as it provides a good source of cashflow which will help you qualify for loans, and you can easily organise the renovation in your spare time. Get a few deals under your belt then fire your boss – that’s what Andrew did.

During this 2-hour seminar you’ll learn;

  • Real life examples of Andrew’s renovation projects – how much he paid, how value he added, how much he spent on the reno and how much profit he made.
  • Why you should like real estate
  • The 3 R’s of real estate
  • 4 reason to renovate
  • Andrew’s fair price theory
  • Budgeting for reno success
  • Finding quality tradespeople
  • Finding the deal
  • 4 steps to real estate innovation – find, buy, innovate, profit
  • Real case studies with heaps of before & after pictures…
  • How you can access Andrews’s complete ‘renovation system’ through his flagship 2-day workshop program.

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Your Partner in Success,

Sam Cocks
Managing Director
Urbantech Group
Finance Adelaide, Home Loans Adelaide

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