Property Seminar – The best way to invest $100K…

You’ve just won $100k… so what would you do with it?…

We wanted to know [why not hey] so we decided to run another survey on our website over the past few months.

Well the results are in and as always they’re interesting!

There were 4 simple multiple choice options – here’s what happened;

buying an investment property

  • 79.2% said they would use the money to buy an investment property.
  • 12.5% said they would use the funds to pay down their home/investment loan.
  • 8.3% said they would use the cash to renovate their existing home.
  • And 0%, that’s no-one said they would pay off their credit cards.

So it’s clear the vast majority of you still think property is the best way to invest your money.

And we agree that’s why we’ve been running a series of seminars teaching people how to buy and hold property for the long term and more recently how to buy, renovate and sell property for quick profits today!

[On a side note it is interesting that some people said they would pay down their home/investment loans rather than pay off their credit cards because in terms of debt reduction it’s always best to pay down your highest consumer [non-deductible] debt first, which for most people is their credit cards.]

The good news is we are holding another property seminar next Thursday October 11th , the bad news is it is going to be the last one for 2012!

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This will be your last chance to see real life examples of Andrew’s renovation projects – how much he paid, how much value he added, how much he spent on the reno and how much profit he made!

You’ll also learn:

  • Why you should like real estate
  • The 4 reasons to renovate Andrew’s fair price theory
  • How to budget for renovation success
  • How to find and negotiate the deal
  • 4 steps to real estate innovation – find, buy, innovate, profit
  • How you can learn Andrews’s complete ’70-hr renovation system’

Remember you don’t need to be handy to do this stuff – we’ll teach you how to be the project manager, not the tradie, so you’ll never have to get your hands dirty.

As a result you don’t need a lot of time to do this [around 70 hours for newbies], so you can easily make a bunch of cash turning over these projects in your spare time.

And finally, you don’t need to win $100k either! Depending on your borrowing capacity you might need as little as $50-$75K to complete one of these renovation projects – and these funds can come straight out of your existing property equity.

So it’s possible to have no savings at all and still make profits of $30-$50k in a few short months buying, renovating and selling property.

>> Click here to register for our last Property Seminar for 2012

How to invest in property   Free Adelaide SeminarSeminar Details:

WHEN: Thursday 11th October 2012
TIME: Register 6:15pm – Start Time: 6:30pm Sharp
WHERE: Hilton Hotel, 264 South Rd [Cnr Sir Donald Bradman Dr], Hilton 5033
PRICE: FREE! [includes door prize]
RSVP: C.O.B. Wednesday 10th October

Note: There’s only 20 seats and places fill up fast.

>> Click here to register for our free Property Seminar

Hope to see you there.

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