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The Urbantech Celebrity Debate

What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?

Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts

This star-studded celebrity debate reached heated levels when Urbantech Finance posed the loaded question: What does it take to be an entrepreneur?” pitting street savvy against book smarts.

Celebrities included Ita Buttrose, Dylan Lewis, Libbi Gorr and Lehmo.

Guests enjoyed dinner, with entertainment by body painter Emma Hack and party band Triplescore.


Street Smarts Team

  • David Floyd

  • Dylan Lewis

  • Libbi Gorr [Team Captain]


Book Smarts Team

  • Brian Lucas

  • Ita Buttrose

  • Lehmo [Team Captain]


Enjoy the Video Highlights [in order of debate]

[full versions coming]

David Floyd – Street Smarts

Brian Lucas – Book Smarts

Dylan Lewis – Street Smarts [explicit language warning]

Ita Buttrose – Book Smarts

Libbi Gorr – Street Smarts [Team Captain]

[coming soon…]

Lehmo – Book Smarts [Team Captain]



So what does it take to be an entrepreneur;  Street Smarts or Book Smarts?

To be an entrepreneur and succeed in business, is it more important to be formally educated or to be someone willing to forgo traditional education in search of the practical knowledge and experience gained through the business school of hard knocks? After all, there is no fall back for the street smarts; they simply have to make it happen. Are schools and universities nothing more than big institutions designed to produce similar minded employees who value and seek security, are risk averse and are resigned to taking orders rather than creating success through innovation? After all, an entrepreneur seeks freedom rather than security and knows that taking risks and making mistakes are the only way they know to get ahead. Will success at school therefore be detrimental to becoming successful or are highly educated graduates winning the money game in what has become a fast paced, sophisticated, and technological world of business?

Just how do non-graduates compare with their highly educated peers in this extremely competitive corporate landscape? Is it necessary to have a high IQ to learn the ways of an entrepreneur? Will simply learning the principles or theory of success guarantee you success or is it really a case of getting started and learning on the job? As the old saying goes; There is no better education than that which comes with experience.

The debaters, all extremely successful in their own right, will draw inspiration from their own real-life experiences; however, it is anyones guess just where their brilliant and sometimes warped minds may take us by the end of the night! One thing is guaranteed; you will be entertained and may just even learn the one thing that could help you to become a successful entrepreneur. After all, business should be a place to learn as well as have fun!


The highlight of the Adelaide business calendar, this gala event tried to settle, once and for all, the question of what makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur! Watch Ita Buttrose, business woman and twice voted Australia’s Most Admired Woman, along with media personalities Dylan Lewis, Libbi Gorr, locally-based comedian and SAFM Breakfast co-host, Lehmo as well as business guru’s David Floyd, Business Coach and Chairman of the SA Small Business Awards and Brian Lucas, Financial Planner and President of the Entrepreneurs Organisation for an entertaining and informative insight into the makings of an entrepreneur!

Event was organised and hosted by Urbantech Group https://www.urbantechgroup.com.au

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