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We’ll help them get the perfect loan so you can find them the perfect home!

We have discovered a gap in the market place; you see while we feel that customers often get a satisfactory buying or selling experience what’s missing is a truly integrated property & finance solution that delivers the ultimate in value, transparency and results to all of the parties involved in the transaction.

Let me explain, there is no doubt your real estate company delivers outstanding service. However, it can be hard at times to stand out from the crowd when most of your competitors are making the same claim to fame.

But what if you could provide your vendors and prospective purchasers with more than just a real estate solution? What if you could assist clients with every aspect of researching, finding, securing, buying/selling, financing, building and insuring their dream home or investment without it costing you any extra money or taking up any of your valuable time?

Urbantech is offering a select number of reputable Real Estate Agents in Adelaide the opportunity to achieve greater profits and customer satisfaction by integrating and utilising our range of value-added products and services.

By working with Urbantech you can have access to the following benefits:

  • Avoid time wasters: We can qualify each prospect financially to ensure that they have the capacity to meet their obligations before they sign a purchase contract.
  • Turn prospects into buyers: We’ll work with all the prospects that haven’t bought from you previously, helping them get pre-approved finance as well as determining their preferred buying options to help you find them a suitable property.
  • Make larger sales: We’ll help your prospects to achieve their Maximum Purchasing Power freeing up more money to spend on buying a bigger/better home. We also have access to unique finance products that allow clients to get a wholesale mortgage rate as well as having access to private lenders should they not qualify for normal bank finance.
  • Unconditional contracts: Because we control the entire finance process we are able to ensure faster than average finance approvals removing the hassle of lengthy ‘subject to finance’ clauses and delayed settlements.
  • Gain greater exposure: We’re able to market your listings without cost directly to our database and through our websites.
  • Provide additional client value free of charge: Sell all of your listings with a ‘Finance & Insurance Package’ that includes wholesale finance rates, a zero application fee, 1 month free Building & Contents Insurance and 3 months free Mortgage Repayment Protection Insurance.
  • Get the maximum price: We can assist clients to upgrade the key areas of their property prior to sale to ensure they get the best possible price. Whether it’s a new bathroom, kitchen or a complete cosmetic pgrade we can have the entire project completed in a few weeks. Not only will the property sell for a greater price but it should be considerably easier to sell.
  • Targeted database marketing: We’ll help you create a range of compelling marketing offers that can be incorporated into our online and print marketing material to further boost your profile and branding.
  • Become our preferred agent: We’ll recommend your services to all our clients looking to sell their properties in your preferred area. In addition you’ll have the opportunity to be our preferred agent on our own property development projects.
  • Serve the clients best interests: by outsourcing finance to an independent business you send a clear message to clients that you want what’s best for them. It also dramatically reduces the chance of a conflict of interest arising and you avoid the stigma of having an ‘in-house finance person’ who is clearly working to help you get deals over the line.
  • Remuneration: you’ll earn a percentage of all the upfront commissions* we generate by helping your prospects with their finance needs – even if they don’t end up buying your listings. [*up to 20%]

In today’s competitive landscape it’s important to distinguish yourself from the crowd. By partnering with Urbantech you will have the opportunity to bolster your service offering and position yourself as a market leader and innovator, helping you to achieve greater business success.

So you can better determine how this opportunity may benefit you please contact us on 8451 1500

Note: Due to the exclusive nature of this proposal we are only able to partner with a small number of like-minded real estate agents.


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