Wealth Matrix

What is the Finance & Wealth Matrix?

Building a solid, healthy and sustainable financial future requires a carefully considered approach. Every aspect of your current and future needs should be taken into account. It can’t be done on a whim and it definitely won’t happen by acting on some hot tip you’ve been given. When it comes to your financial future there are simply no short cuts or quick fixes.

In life we all need the help of others. Most successful people have surrounded themselves with and taken advice from open minded professionals – innovative and expert advisors in their fields. The challenge is to find and engage such people to be part of your ‘mastermind team’. That challenge has been taken up by Urbantech.

Over a period of time we have put together a team of experts to provide you with a complete end-to-end range of services. Rather than the standard one-dimensional way of doing things, ours is a more holistic approach that neatly brings together a variety of financial and wealth focused professionals to help you achieve better and more sustainable results.


Our Finance & Wealth Matrix contains the 6 key areas of wealth creation and protection, centred around our unique evaluation system – used to determine the status of your overall financial health and uncover the areas where you require additional guidance and assistance. Only then can you achieve the wealth and independence you desire.


Sounds a bit fancy doesn’t it!

Remember we do all of the hard work for you – all you need to do is book in your free Finance & Wealth Evaluation and we’ll get to work finding ways to improve your financial situation.

We have access to a range of really exciting products and services and would be very surprised if we can’t help to better your position in some way. Hey we’re here to look after your bottom line not the banks!

Get started now – to request your free evaluation click here or give us a buzz on 08 8451 1500

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