Why Choose Us

Smarter Finance & Wealth Creation.

Think of us as your very own personal finance and wealth coach who’ll guide you along the path to getting the very best out of your financial potential. As your trusted advisor we will equip you with the knowledge, tools and support to make better and more profitable decisions!

Our approach is an holistic one – Urbantech provides you a complete service to build and protect your wealth. We can now help you dream, plan, borrow, invest, profit and protect your wealth. We call it smarter finance and wealth creation.

It’s a first of its kind incorporating our flagship finance broking service, +plus a range of allied services such as financial planning, general insurance broking, property sales and management, property investment services and education services and tools.


Urbantech has developed a unique Finance & Wealth Evaluation which will give us a clear and simple view of exactly where you stand financially. We’ll discuss your current and future goals, perform a thorough finance, cash flow, wealth, investment and asset-protection evaluation. We’ll then develop an action plan for your consideration. It will give you the scope to build real wealth and just might save you thousands.


To learn more about the services we provide click here [or you can download a copy of our service brochure]

Confused by all the services and options? Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry just book in your free Finance & Wealth Evaluation [valued at $330] and have an expert assess which of the services might be of benefit for your circumstances.

This professional study costs you nothing and takes only a small amount of time [about 1 hour] and will either prove what you have in place now is OK or it can be much improved.

To request your free appointment click here or give us a buzz on 08 8451 1500

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