The Banks don’t want you to know this…

Did you know the Banks offer new customers cheaper rates than their loyal existing customers!

When it comes to the home lending it doesn’t pay [you] to be loyal.

In fact, if you haven’t reviewed your home or investment loans in the past few years you will almost certainly be paying too much in interest!

Let us help you save money…

The best time to save money is always NOW – and with the Banks recently increasing their rates, we have been achieving amazing savings for our clients by refinancing them on to a better ‘new customer’ deal.

In many cases the refinance is fee free and with lenders offering big incentives to win new business you might even receive an upfront cash payment as part of the process.

That’s right, you could get up to $500 in your pocket as well as a better ongoing interest rate which saves you thousands on your loan each year.

The average interest rate saving we’re achieving for clients is around 0.50% [and more in some cases] which on an average loan size of $400,000 gives you a saving of $2,000 in your pocket each year!

Do yourself a favour and let us help you keep more of your hard-earned money each month by keeping the Banks honest!

>> For more details or to arrange a free finance review simply hit reply or call 08 8451 1500 and we’ll get to work on finding you a better deal.



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PS. You can see a selection of our best interest rates here. You’ll find a handy loan comparison calculator on the page so you can work out how much you could save by moving to a cheaper home loan.

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