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Announcing a new way to build wealth through property investing…

So what did you think of our Smarter Finance & Wealth Creation Guide?

You know the latest version of our property investing eBook we recently launched…

[If you missed the email or haven’t downloaded your free copy yet you can get it here]

The good news is our eBook is going to show you exactly how to eliminate your bad debts and build a passive income through simple, yet powerful, property investing strategies.

However, what we’ve found is that even after reading it most people fail to take the next step and actually apply it.

And that’s a real shame as far as we’re concerned because we want people to get results!

But what if I told you there was a way to start getting results in only 30-60 days…

…and it doesn’t even involve you having to read our eBook!

You see what I’m offering is to personally explain our debt reduction and property investing strategies to you [one-on-one] in person.

The information will be tailored specifically for you, and you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you want and get all the answers straight away.

This offer however, is NOT for everyone – we’re only making it available to action takers like yourself.

But it gets even better because we’re also giving you the opportunity to join our property investment coaching program!

It’s called the Real Investar Program – and as your property coach it’ll be my job to ensure you get real results!

Every great sportsman, successful entrepreneur and high achiever relies upon the guidance of a trusted coach – and investing is no different.

In fact, you could say the stakes are even higher – after all your entire financial future depends upon you making ‘smart’ well-informed investment decisions.

So not only will you get my personal attention the whole way through the process, but I’ll make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

As your property coach I’ll provide you with the tools, contacts and resources you need to build a ‘market-beating’ high growth cash flow positive property portfolio.

We’ll be with you every step of the way – I’m talking real hands-on, in the trenches type stuff.

But as you can imagine time constraints mean there is a limit to the number of people I can work with. So if you’re interested you’ll need to lock in your place fast.

Oh and did I tell you this amazing service is completely free! We only get paid if we get you a result and then it’s not even you that pays us.

Just imagine what it would be like to have no bad debt and an ongoing passive income that you could retire on!

>> For all details and to apply for our free coaching program click here

PS. If you’ve read the guide please let me know what you think – I’m always looking for feedback to make it even better!

If you need any other details please feel free to contact us any time.

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