The Real Investar Program is a one-on-one personalised property investing coaching program.

The goal of the program is to help you eliminate bad debts and build a passive income of at least $83,200 pa by buying only 4 average-priced investment properties.

Of course we can help you buy more property and build a bigger income but this will be our minimum goal.

As your coach we’ll work with you to create a personalised property investment plan and then help you execute it.

We’ll keep you on track, motivate you, guide you and provide support on your property investment journey.

We’ll also help you overcome any limitations or barriers that might be holding you back.

It’s our job to make sure you get real results!

However this program is not for everyone and not everyone who applies will be accepted.

This is NOT for people who;

  • don’t want to buy investment property [that’s obvious!]
  • have got their sights set on becoming a property developer or renovator
  • only want to buy investment property in their own state


You should apply for this program if;

  • you are motivated and serious about improving your financial future
  • you are coachable and willing to learn and follow advice of experts
  • you have limited time and prefer your investments to be hands-off and turn-key


To qualify for our coaching program you will need;

  • a minimum of $75,000 in equity or savings to put towards a property purchase
  • a regular and steady source of income [PAYG or business income]


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Learn how to become Financially Free!

As your property coach we can help you…

  • Own your home sooner, eliminate bad debts, shave years off your mortgage and save thousands in interest & tax!
  • Build a property portfolio that gives you a passive retirement income of at least $83,200 per year [~$1,000 pw net] within 10 years!




1. Property Investment Plan

The first step is to learn more about you; where you are now and where you want to be, including the exact amount of passive income you want to generate for your retirement.

You’ll get a clear snapshot of your current financial position along with personalised debt reduction strategies and a customised [and achievable!] wealth creation plan showing you exactly how many properties you need to purchase in order to achieve your income goal.

Valued at $330



2. Property Market Research

We’ll give you access to a range of trusted market research reports from leading property research firms so you can get up to speed with current market trends, growth cycles and Australia’s best property hotspots.

You’ll learn how to ‘beat the market’ and identify the locations and property types likely to achieve better-than-average capital growth and cash flow, both now and into the future.

Valued at $275




3. Property Investment Analysis

We’ll source a range of property investment options within carefully selected hotspots, via our network of trusted builder and developer contacts.

A Property Investment Analysis Report [PIA] will then be prepared on each property to enable us to generate a shortlist of the best performing investments based on their projected capital growth and cash flow returns.

Valued at $330




4. Positive Property Investment!

Using your Property Investment Plan as a guide we’ll present you with a selection of hand-picked turnkey fixed-price cash flow positive properties that fit in with your wealth creation plan. Each recommendation will come with it’s own PIA report so you can make an informed investment based on numbers, not emotions.

As your property investment coach it’s our job to make sure you execute on your property investment plan to get the real life-changing results you deserve!

Valued at $1,990+




  • 1. Property Investment Plan $330 Value
  • 2. Property Market Research $275 Value
  • 3. Property Investment Analysis $330 Value
  • 4. Positive Property Investment $1,990+ Value

TOTAL VALUE $2,925+ [Your Cost: FREE!]



  • Do nothing… Pay thousands more in interest and tax. Work your entire life only to end up on the pension, needing to sell your family home just to survive;
  • Buy any property… and hope for the best;
  • TAKE ACTION… and work with us to build a real plan to eliminate your bad debts and retire early & financially free!


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What are you waiting for… Let’s get started!

Remember we’ll be with you every step of the way – I’m talking real hands-on, in the trenches type stuff.

As your property coach it’s our job to ensure you succeed!

But as you can imagine time constraints mean there is a limit to the number of people we can work with. So if you’re interested you’ll need to lock in your place fast!

Oh and did I tell you this amazing service is completely free! We only get paid if we get you a result and then it’s not even you that pays us.

Just imagine what it would be like to have no bad debt and an ongoing passive income that you could retire on!

Imagine not having to work… and being able to spend your time doing the things you like, with the people you like.

To apply for the Real Investar Program click on the link below…


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